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sublimation tees|Adidas re -bring back D Rose 1bulls on the 10th anniversary Original title: Participate in the national representative of the National Second Session a bit special: her painting is covered with the cover of the venue. The video production of Li Yuanli photography reports Ren Junjun's national two sessions this year, there is a special representative of the National People's Congress. She is from Meishan City, Sichuan Province, she is called He Xuebin. In addition to conscientious performance, He Xuebin is still in the "passenger string", and it is invited to introduce calligraphy works to other representatives - because of the participants in the venue every day, she hangs her painting, from Sichuan delegation stationed hotels, to the people The contest hall, even at Tiananmen Town, I have also selected her work. Her work "participates in the" National Two Sessions "from Sichuan's Jinsha River, Minjiang River, Dadu River, reopen Da Mei River, reflecting the political ecology of the wind and purity. You see, close, medium

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sublimation tees|Adidas re -bring back D Rose 1bulls on the 10th anniversary

Original title CPPCO member Ding Jie: Should be included in the country children's disease medical model into health poverty alleviation in two sessions of this year, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China Country Children's Disease Medicine Public Welfare Fund and Angel Mama Fund Consultant, Professor Ding Jie, the First Hospital of Peking University "The" Regional Children's Medical Insurance "model is incorporated into the political agreement of the policy of health poverty alleviation policy, and has been positive response from the committee. On March 3, Ding Jie committees said in the interview of the media that my country's depletion strikes have achieved decisive progress in China, and the national poverty in the country has declined year by year. However, while the poor is significantly reduced, it remains more than 40% due to the proportion of poverty caused by the disease. In the poor, the poverty of children is the most serious. According to rural indigenous

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# 2018 Look at the two sessions # [Guo Fenglian] Guo Fenglian representative: Guo Fenglian: In these five years, I have more suggestions to surround the hotspots and difficulties in the three rural issues, these recommendations are the voice of the people, Including rural waste disposal problems, farmers drinking water problems, agricultural science use problems, land repair issues, etc. Will continue to communicate with the governments and farmers. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaohui

sublimation tees

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