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Original title: Inner Mongolia Tongliao happened, there was a bullnaphthranesis★▲, and the “epidemic zone blockade order” under the Kerqin District●▪■◁, according to China Voice News: According to Tongliao City•□★…, Inner Mongolia During death, the diagnosis was diagnosed as suspected cow anthrax. As of the press release, 9 patients died-•, 8 people were infected with skin anthrax•-□=, and they were effectively treated in the hospital, and they were currently stable. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic▷•…-, the Government of the Kerqin District has reached the “sealing order of the epidemic area”. Anthracnose is acute, strong infectious disease caused by anthrax bacterium. Various animals can be infected, with her herbivores to be infected. Anthrax can be popular in place•▼●, generally distributed. After the epidemic•◁▪, the emergency plan, agriculture•=…, health, addresses, industrial and commercial, public security, et.

Original title: These two words, there is a real force from the doll to the elderly from the job to the country from the country to the city from the individual to the national reform, there is a real force in the four-year reform and opening up to make Chinas face is a new five years The comprehensive deepening reform allows people to live more beautiful to deepen the reform classification of party and national institutions to promote talented evaluation mechanism reform to implement rural revitalization strategy to strengthen intellectual property trial sector reform … The reform has brought the reform of market vitality, bringing innovative power reform to improve peoples livelihood There is a reform of the reform, and the people who have become the people have obtained from programs to reality. It is not abstract drawing but the specific and fresh changes in the people of Minshen athleta wholesale▪•.

Original title: Military experts…▷★: US military or increase ship crossing Taiwan Strait frequency DDG65 Ben Wilde DDG-89 Mascine [Global Network Military July 9 Report Global Times Special Reporter Li Qiang Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan] US military reception The actions of the two destroyers crossing the Taiwan Straits have attracted extensive attention from the outside world. These two ships belong to the seventh fleet of the US Navy, which is located in Yingquta, Japan, is the “Berk” level, is the most destroyer of the US Navy. The US ship crossing the Taiwan Sea, the choice of troops can be described as careful, which indicates “I am coming•●” to the mainland, and trying to avoid over-stimulating the mainland. But the military experts in the mainland believe that future US Navy may increase the frequency and force of the Taiwan Strait★…. Pass two “Berke” levels have deep.custom wholesale clothing