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wholesale otards – baseball hat factory orange and black flannel jacket vintage denim wholesale,[breathable sports T shirts manufacturer]China New Network May 28th, the Japanese Community reported that the Japanese government and Tokyo Power Company released the predictive results, it was used to store the water storage tank to treat water in Fukushima first nuclear power plant. It is expected to be before and after the spring of 2023…□■. Filled. Data Map□…▼•: Japan Fukushima First Nuclear Power Plant Reservoir☆◇. According to reports, the head of the East Power Reaction Staff Head Representation said at the reporter meeting on the same day◆◁. “If the policy of the central government is starting in the spring of 2023, there is no need to add more storage tanks at this stage.◇▽” According to Eastern Electric, the existing storage tank can be kept at about 1.37 million tons of treatment water. As of the end of May 2021◆□▲▲, the reserves have reached 1260,000 tons, which will be in 2022 =◇▷?

China New Network May 28th According to the Silver Bank of China website news, in order to further promote the pilot service of long-term nursing insurance system▼…●★, standardize the operational service behavior of insurance companies=▷○, promote the industrys ability to participate in social governance, fulfill social responsibility□□◁□, and enhance The sensation and happiness of the participating people, the Yinhua Regulatory Commission recently issued the “Notice of the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission on Regulations and Insurance Corporation” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”)■△◇. ▪■•□”Notice” mainly includes the following★▽…□: First=○△●, it makes a clear requirement for the professional service capacity, project bid management, business risk management▪◇☆, information system construction, nursing institution management–…★. two ?

Original title•◆: Headline US Media-=★○: China hopes to lay down the US fighters in the war, the method is this – the US =■▽”National Interest▪◁★△” Biyue Patent website issued questions “China hopes to lay a US fighter in the war▼■▷, this is The report said that China is developing a new generation of air defense missile systems, but there are few details○=■-. ▲ The screenshot of the US “National Interest” Biyue Patenet report seems to be obvious◁=□, the design purpose of this new weapon is to deal with the various threats from the plane and cruise missiles to the ballistic missile◁◁★-. In fact=○, Chinese engineers developing this new weapon system seems to show that this new system will be designed to provide remote ball missile defense in a variety of environments. According to the report, Chinese researchers pass the design control system (“brain▲☆▲◆” in all missiles), .

Original title: Clearing and price reduction is reduced by 300 billion (at the State Council Policy Blow “)=○” Peoples Daily •▪”(April 10, 2018) This newspaper Beijing April 9 (Reporter Li Lihui) April 9 On the day, the National New Office held a policies of the State Council, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, deputy director of the Ministry of Human and Social Security, and the Director of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, Zhang Xingwei○•◇◆, the Director of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, introduced the cleaning and regulation of government charges, and the Ministry of Ministry Vice Minister Tang Tao introduced the situation of entrepreneurial innovation work in studying abroad. The unreasonable resolute cancellation of non-tax burden is degraded. “On the basis of more than 60 billion yuan in 2017, this year, the State Council executive meeting has identified four types of government charges□△-▽. It is expected to alleviate the enterprise throughout the year△■☆▲. Bundry 250.6 billion yua.

Original title•◆☆☆: Qingming, miss the “Aircraft Master Zheng Zheng” Zheng Ming. The Minister of Naval Original Equipment Minister Zheng Mingmi will report Chinas ship newspaper WeChat public No. 10 At 10 am▽•, the Minister of Original Equipment Technical Minister Zheng Mingji will be held in Beijing Babao Mountain Funeral Pavilion☆○. More than 200 people such as the Navy Leaders, the leaders of the naval equipment, ships▼-□■, navigation, and marine culture, etc., the departments, the society, the association▽=▽, the study will participate in the farewell ceremony. The introduction of Zheng Ming commented on the mourning ceremony was written in the mourning ceremony◁●-◇: ☆…★●”Comrade Zheng Ming has been engaged in the development planning, demonstration research★★, design test, construction and acceptance of the army ship…◆△▷, the aircraft during the troop work▼▽▲•. Technical and leadership of introduction, test appraisa?