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[customised clothing manufacturers]China News Agency Jakarta on May 27 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) The Indonesian Jakarta Court sentenced to violate the epidemic prevention, the country, which has been announced to illegally organized the “Islamic Defender Front” (FPI) leader and The spirit leader Rizieq is 8 months in prison. On November 10 last year…▼▽☆, the new crown pneumonia epidemic was raging in Indonesia, and Riqiji returned to Indonesia after three years of exile○▽. Saudi Arabia◁◇. It arrived in Jakarta International Airport, tens of thousands of supporters flocked to the airport, causing highways from the airport and the airport arrival hall, and dozens of flight delays or forced cancellation. Many gathering people do not wear mas▲▽☆▷.

China News◇☆…-, Houstun●□, May 26 (Reporter Zeng Jingning) Local Time 26, a shooting incident occurred in an apartment building in Arlington, Texas▲-•, USA, causing 3 deaths, 1 person injured●…★△. At the United States of Fed, the Arlington City Police Bureau said in a statement on the 26th that the shot incident occurred in an apartment building in Arlington City, causing 2 adults and 1 young people to die on the spot△▼. The police said that after viewing monitoring records, they think this is a case that committed suicide after murder, which may be a dispute, a gunman or a three deceased. The police also said that the streets outside the case of the case were seriously injured in the head of the private car=•▽. The police believe that the injured and occurren•◁◇○.

[Navy will hold a practical exercise in the South China Sea] From the Ministry of Naval Staff, the Naval Staff is informed that in order to resolutely implement the chairman to mobilize the mobilization, the Navy will continue to rise to the actual warning training, and the Navy will hold a practical drill in the South China Sea. This is the routine arrangement within the Navys annual program, the purpose is to test and improve the level of troops●◇△☆, and comprehensively improve win-win capacity, not for any particular country and goals. Editor in charge: Zhang Y.wholesale crewneck – private label organic clothing manufacturers apparel distributors letterman jacket wholesale in bulk,