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[plastic step for exercise]Original title: What is the “self-exposure of the ugly” in Shandong, the economy? This reflects the pressure of Shandong★□▷●, also reflects its reform. Shandongs “Elephant Economics”, high-capacity, high-polluted state-owned enterprises, high-polluted state-owned enterprises…▽▷, and coal consumption exceeds the country○▼△●. First●★, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions are the first national first. Figure / Visual China Shandong: What is the active “weak”? “China News Week” reporter / Zhou Qunfeng This article was first in total No. 844 •◁”China News Weekly” on March 6th, at the 13th National Peoples Congress, Shandong Delegation□△■, Shandong Provincial Party Committee Liu Jiayi, secretary▲◇, became the protagonist of the media◇▲. “The one that is online, and this is some error. Although it is not b!

[Wang Yi: “China Threat Theory” has a new release, but it is more unhappy] Foreign Minister Wang Yi: “China Threat Theory” has a new release, but it is more unhappy. China is the main contributor of global economic growth; China is the main contributor of global poverty reduction; China is still the main contributors of world peace. For these facts, as long as there is no prejudice, do not pursue a double standard-=, which is never threatened, but a full opportunity. The so-called “China Threat Theory” can take a break▷=★. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Liu Longlo?

Original title◇…▪◆: [Details Disclosure] Why is the highest inspection directly some of the Beijing Nine Source: Changan Street, March 9, March 9▼▪-▼, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate=▽◇-, Cao Jianming●★◇▼, at the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, attended the work report The Beijing procuratorial organs were mentioned in the report▲☆, and the local procuratorial organ of the number mentioned was included●■▼. The content covered the Beijing procuratorate actively serving the national major strategic implementation=△, preventing significant risks, deepening the reform of the judicial system, and the country Monitoring system reform and experience practices in typical cases in accordance with the law. 1. Reporting the original text “Resolutely safeguard the national security ▷▼-..★▽★☆.•□..=-=●.. Beijing, Yunnan, Xinjiang and other discipline inspectors from the express arms” 10 · 28 “, Kunming□-◆” 3 · 01 ◁◁◇”, Shao” 7 · •▪. clothing suppliers in usa

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