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[varsity jacket template]Original title: China about 1/4 ovarian cancer patients have BRCA gene mutation experts recommended high-risk people to detect new Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiulan) actor Angelina Jolie accepts ovaries and fallopian tube preventive resection surgery to let BRCA genes enter the public vision Today (March 6) released ●▲■▷”Sudentably▲●▲◁, the unknown▷▽” BRCA Ovarian Cancer Charity Care Project (hereinafter referred to as Sudoku Project) showed that about 1/4 of Chinas ovarian cancer patients carry BRCA embryo mutation. The auditor is initiated by the China Womens Development Foundation, Aslikang▽…, China, Fushi Medical Support●▼■. Since its launch•▽, the project has been launched in 14 cities across the country, and 1091 patients with ovarian cancer have been submitted□■, and a total of 983 patients are freely based on whit▼▽▽.

Original title: Lu Caixia: Legislation promotes the construction of an ecological civilization system today (March 12), the 12th National Peoples Congress Committee▼◇••, deputy director Wang Shengming, deputy director of the Financial and Economics▷▽, deputy director of the UNESCO Wu Heng, Lu Caixia, a member of the Environment, and Wang Chaoying, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, and deputy director Xuan Social, the relevant issues of “Peoples Congress Legislative Work☆◆■” question questions. The Central Peoples Broadcasting Station reporter question, recently smog again•★. Since the winter last year, the smog weather in the north is indeed less, and the blue sky in Beijing is more▪●▲…, I want to ask what contributions to the legislative work in this area? The 19th National Congress of the report puts forward▷…○, we have to make a good war of pollution prevention, how to escort in this area in this regard? Lu Caixia◆◁=, member of the Environmental Committee, said, the 12th National Peop!

Original title■▽△: Media disclosure: Guo Bo Xiongs son Guo Zhenggang to help the old township military school, charge millions of writing Tall buildings ◇=•▼”The whole army is more than half of my home promotion wholesale womens fitness clothing how to become a clothing distributor – fitness aerobic step. embroidery on clothing activewear manufacturer!•◆•” People who say this believe that the small friends are very familiar – the Central Political Bureau The member of the member, the former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, Guo Bo Xiong□=▼★, who was originally will hear Guo Zhenggang. He still has another “famous saying•★▪△”▽○▷: anti-corruption■◇, engage in◇=▼◁, it means to mean. A decision of the Chinese referee document shows that Guo Zhenggang has received 1 million yuan, helping an extraordinary military school with a poor test◇▽▪…. Guo Zhenggang 2008, in 2009, the chairman of Shaanxi Xianyang Kaifa Coal Industry Co▼•▲…., Ltd. Gu Moujia is served at the Air Force First Communications Tempance Station, and I want to go to the military school to make progress, but the cultural level is relatively poor, cant take. To this en?