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[royal blue jackets][Information Notification] At 11:23◁▲, March 25, the public security Wuqing Branch reported▲…▽◇: two cars collided with the two cars in Bali Zhuang, Guanzheng Town, Wuqing District, causing 3 deaths and 4 injuries▪…. Among them, a car is a white Chuanqi SUV, a total of 6 people, 4 of which have been injured to the district hospital treatment◁▷▷, and there is no life-threatening. Another car is a red Changan sedan◆△□☆, a total of 3 people★▷, rescued, and it has been confirmed that 3 people have died○•. After the accident▼•☆=, the Wuqing District Committee★◆, the district government attaches great importance to that the district committee and district government is responsible for comrades to make arrangements for the first time, the public security martial arts committee▪○•…, the district emergency office and other departments have rushed to the scene for disposal. At present, the rescue of the wounded●▲•, the accident investigation◇□, the death of the death and injury is being launched in order=○▲■, and the cause of the accident is under investigation••. Source○•-: Wuqing releas!

The remote area is no longer far away★•●△, and the backward area can follow the pace of the times◇▽-. The key is to firmly expand the determination and action Xi Jinping General Secretary to participate in the Review of Chongqing Delegation, “Accelerate the construction of the inland open highlands, the beautiful land of the mountains Strive to promote high quality development, create high quality life, and let Chongqings work on the new level◁▷. ” This is two years later▲-▷, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again made the development requirements of the development of the construction of the inland open highlands in Chongqing○◇, and the development of the direction of Chongqing, providing fundamental follows▼◆◇=, also let Chongqing in the new round of open strategies More prominent○▷. Chongqing is a landlocked city in the Midwest, how can the inland cities have open temperament, showing “coastal advantages”? At the two sessions of Chongqing this year◁▽, this topic has caused a wide range of hot discussion□▷△.

Original title: Minister Wan Steel, Minister of Science and Technology, accelerate construction of innovative countries and answers reporters asked the 13th National Peoples Congress▪▪, a meeting of Journalism, scheduled for 10:45 am to Madia, 10:45 am. Meeting▽●…◁, the Minister of Science and Technology, the Minister of Science and Technology△▼◆=, the Director of the Policies and Regulations and the Secretary for Innovation and Regulations▲▽◁◇, and the Director of the Innovation Development Director Xu Ziqi answered the question of China and foreign journalists on the “Accelerating the Building Innovative Country”. live broadcast●○, please pay attention□▷ atlanta wholesale clothes wholesale shorts men! Moderator: Dear friends, everyone▼•☆, good morning●◁…▽, welcome to participate in the 13th National Peoples Congress△◇◆, a reporter meeting. The theme of this reporter will “speed up the construction of innovative countries”. Today◇=•, we are happy to invite the Minister of Science and Technology▷☆…, Mr•●◇. Wan Steel, the Ministry of Science and Technology Policy and Regulations and Mr. He Defang, the Director of the Innovation Development Division, Xu Xi?

Original title: Chinas order is $ 35.4 billion blank puffer jacket wholesale! The European and American air giants have a contrary. Both companies refuse to publicly buyers identity▼▲, so as not to enter the “mine□▼●▷” of China-US economic and trade friction. “Unusual scenes” occurred at the Fanbao Luo International Aerospace Exhibition in the UK▼△. According to 18 days of Bloomberg, Reuters, the aviation industry two giants US Boeing and European Airbus have received $ 35.4 billion orders from Chinese buyers in this air show, but both companies refuse to open buyers. Identity, so as not to enter China-US economic and trade friction “mine”=•◆-. Data Map: Boeing 737max7 “At the annual air show, these two giants usually do not miss any opportunity to celebrate their maximum order◁◆•: surrounded by flight▼●○★, executives▽▲●○, executives will be high in signing the ceremon-□▲●.

Original title: Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Party Committee Secretary▪=◆, Tuan Chang Zhao Chuntao accepted discipline review and monitoring, according to the Supervision Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Party Secretary, Templer, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee Alternate Committee, is suspected of serious violations, currently accepting discipline Review and monitoring investigation★△◁=. Zhao Chunxi, Zhao Chunxi■▲◁, male, Han nationality, born in February 1962▼◇, university culture, July 1984☆★=△, participated in the work in May 1994, joined the Communist Party of China◇▪▽◁, in Inner Mongolia Liangcheng County…▪▲. 1984.07–1987.08, the gateway department 694 launched a table, the charter of the charter…▪▽; 1987.08–1991.12, Inner Mongolia TV station technical outsourcing team technician; 1991.12–199.