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[bulk shirts for sublimation]Original title●◆◆○: Chinas first private rocket contained Chongqing Element News (Chief Reporter Chen Wei) March 31, Chongqing Daily reporter learned from the son of the news-■◆, Chinas first private rocket will be flying in June, and this The rocket will also be named in Chongqing. Chongqing Daily reporter learned that Zero Space Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as zero space) was established in August 2015. It is a private enterprise in Chinas first business license to write -★…”carry rocket and other spacecraft”, focusing on Development, design and total assembly of low-cost small carriers. At present, the zero room has accumulated 500 million yuan in financing, and the funds raised are mainly used in the development of OS-X series rockets and OS-M series rocket products, and the private commercial space under and reaches industry layout and zero space assembly capacity construction Wa!

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Peoples Congress This year▷◇…△, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, the real estate tax method, the new Beijing report (Reporter Wang Wei) affects the real estate tax of hundreds of millions of Chinese, has the latest progress…■★□. On the afternoon of March 11th□■☆, a meeting of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress on the report of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress. The report will be proposed to study the real estate tax law during the next year. This is the fourth statement of this two sessions since the opening of this two sessions. Previously, Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a government work report on March 5…●▽…. To be stabilized to promote real estate tax legislation▼=•●. On March 4th, March 6th, the spokesperson of the 13th National Peoples Congress□●▷-, Zhang Yixing and the Ministry of Finance, Shi Yao Bin, also expressed its in the conference, real estate t.

Part of the National Peoples Congress of Liaoning Province took a group photo in the Great Hall of the People. Reporter Cheng Ding Title: Liaoning Delegation: Northeast Revitalization requires the National Peoples Congress to supervise the Justice Network Beijing March 13 (Reporter Zheng Zhi) “Strengthening the legislation of key areas, the number••▷, the weight is heavy◆★▼◇, the rhythm is fast=-■•, the effect is good.-★” On March 12th, the Delegation of Liaoning held a plenary meeting to consider the work report of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress■▼◇◆. The representative of Hou Houmu Road▼■◁▲, Director of the Special Processing Workshop of Shenyang Aerospace●◁=, Liaoning Province, praised the legislative work of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee in his speech. “Develop environmental protection tax law, modify corporate income tax law, promote scientific and technological achievements transformation, etc., revised environmental protection law, pollution prevention, food safety law•-◇, safety production method■▪, consumer rights protection law, etc.◆-” H□◇▪. bring sportswear usacustom fitness apparel down waterproof jackets wholesale wholesale softshell jacket,