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[polyester t shirts]Original title□▽: Beijing traffic accident simple handling new regulations: school bus passenger cars serious overload super-speed accidents can not “private” New Beijing newspaper news (Reporter Yan Jianfei intern) This morning, Beijing Public Security Bureau Public Security Transportation Administration announced the revision “Beijing Road Traffic Accident Empress Process Regulations=-•”, new regulations from August 15th▷◇…●, the legislation of the old version will be abolished◁○○▪. According to the requirements of the new regulations, the driver has a school bus business or passenger transportation▼△☆, seriously exceeding the rated passenger passengers•▷, or seriously more than the regulations, the parties should protect the scene and immediately report the police, and cannot “private.” Three kinds of situations can first pass the police, the police○•□, the school bus is overloaded, and it cannot be private according to the new regulations. There is no number of motor vehicles or use forged, altered number plates, the parties cann•◇▼□!

Original title▲◇: Banknote crusher! The price of crayfish has soared 60%, the market is broken 100 billion-…▷=! The capital crazy entry “attacking the city”. At the moment, it is the season of crayfish listed. In the royal city of CHR, the reporter found that the price of crayfish in this year still maintains a rise, some high-level crayfish prices, gains and even reached 60%. The low demand of the low demand, the price of the crayfish price “Flying★●◇” is located in the China Lobster Trading Center in Hubei Qianjiang. It is the largest lobster trading market in the country◁-. In 2017, the transaction amount here reached more than 2 billion yuan. Although at the morning of ten oclock▷■…=, the merchants who came here to buy lobster are endless, compared to the peak of the previous year, it took a half to two hours. Reporter▷□○◁: Where did you come from?

News 1 + 1 丨 three days two tiger biting the dead incident clothing manufacturers australia! Who is it? Anhui Zhanggongshan Zoo, the breeder went in and cleaned in the case where the tiger was unlocked, and was buddy and killed by the tiger☆▷★•. Danjiang Peacock Valley Park, Henan☆◁▪☆, Henan Province, feeding tigers were biting and died, and two tigers were biting and fled=◁▼, and they were finally killed because of multiple traps. Three days■△▲, two, face tragedy, what should we wake? •◁▲△”News 1 + 1″ Connection Chinese Academy of Institute of Zoology, the first batch of chief science experts in the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau▪○, the first batch of chief science experts◇▪●, joint attention: Tiger biting people, who lived? Rent a tiger to show☆▽, who can rent? How to re.

Original title◇△: Hainan built four hundred meters high Shuangzi Tower★-■▲: Building difficulty and Taipei 101, etc▼●▼•.△△, the worlds first in Haikou Dashan CBD New Town, 428 meters super high-rise building – Haikou Gemini is accelerating the construction, because more than 400 meters high refresh The record of the highest building in Hainan will become the first high building in Hainan after completion. In 2017, Haikou Gemini successfully completed the largest part of the project, the topic construction of the project, and the documentary “Giant Tower” recorded the construction process of this branched building•……◁. Haikou Gemini (South Tower) construction walks view▽▷◁. Nanhai Network Tuhaikou Gemini is Hainan Province, Haikou City Key Project, Nanta Design Building Height 428 meters, North Tower Design Building Height 429 meters=□. The double tower is standing on the symmetric axis of Haikou Guoxing Avenue, which means the city gate. It is a big Yingsha reason clothing wholesale!valentines day leggings – trag equipment companies silk varsity jacket,