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[step machines]Original title: 5G era☆●, a subversive giant change will be detonated! The new opportunity comes to the emergence of emerging technologies such as the Internet◁△▪, unmanned◁▽, VR▼△, and constantly refreshes peoples imagination of the future◁★◇. But some people think that before the 5G network has not been fully used, these are just the application of engineers who are thinking in the laboratory. If there is any vitality, it needs the market inspection. What will 5Gs future…○•? △ CCTV Finance “China Economic Lecture Hall” Column Preview ★▲”5G is coming, but what is the use of 5G▷▪•…?” Wang Jianzhou said that this sentence made him think of the operation of some countries in Europe in 2000. Although I got a 3G license▼…◇, I didnt know what I used in 3G◁◆△•. I have been 2007 I○★.

Regulate the training of progenial training to solve the •▽•”three-point☆□” problem students to reduce the burden of “primary and secondary school students are too heavy, the short-termization, the problem of utilization, especially the off-campus training institutions are disorderly development●○,” reduced burden in the school▽▽, the phenomenon Highlight. ☆■”- Recently, the central government deepened the 19th meeting of the Reform Commission to emphasize, to reduce the boring of schools in the compulsory education stage. The “Tenth Five-Year Plan△▽” and the 2035 long-term target program should clearly propose to regulate the training of schools-○. At the moment●▷, education anxiety issued by out-of-school training is widely concerned. To this end••, all localities strengthen supervision and management▽▲◇■, innovative service, starting from outside the school, from the school, let the students are reduci made in usa t shirts!

Original title●…◁•: The provincial general trade union released the implementation of the grassroots trade union fund revenue and expenditure management implementation rules birthday fee to 400 yuan to give birth to the highest thousand yuan Guangzhou Daily News (Full Media reporter Wang Xiaoquan correspondent Wang Ya) reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial General Union•☆, recently Formulating and issuing the implementation rules (trial) “(trial)” (trial) “(trial)•▪△▷” (hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Rules”☆★◁-, in accordance with the various expenses of the employee, 23 expenditure projects have 14 new Increase the project◁…. New welfare includes marriage◇◁●•, retirement, funeral condolences, etc., all have corresponding condolences, condolences to gold issuance standards-★. The retirement can issue a new project of not over 100 souvenirs, and the trade union members marriage●▪▷■, when birth……●•, the grassroots trade union can give condolences and condolences▷…, standards generally no more than 1,000 yu•△.

Original title: Tianjin Deputy Retirement 5 years later to depart the source: Changan Street, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, then push the tiger small climax – last Tuesday, the former vice president of the Hebei Provincial Political Consultative Conference◇•, Zi Wenli put the case; this Tuesday, Tianjin Chen Weifeng●▪△…, the former Vice Chairman of the CPPCC■★=•, was left to the party for two years and determined its retirement according to the deputy department level. Changan Street ICAP (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noted that this senior official who had retired for 5 years has been awarded in the 1980s△◆=○, gaining honors such as the first national “young entrepreneur…◆=”. Including Chen Weifeng◆◇=, Tianjin has had 5 depth levels of cadres in recent years, of which is 3 people◆▷. Chen Wefeng Chen Qi Feng was born in March 1950, once a long time to work in engineering■▽, urban construction▪◆, planning system, January 2003, he promoted to the deputy mayor of Tianji•…●△?how to make your own varsity jacket – wholesale compression shirts custom jacket manufacturers blank varsity jacket mens,