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[tie dye hoodies wholesale]Original title□▲: Domestic network to visit the pornographic vulgar content, the company is involved in the company is investigated by the company: “Sweeping the yellow and fights★◁” WeChat ◇==”WeChat-▷” WeChat boutique August 6 news▷-, recently, Tianjin Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Corps (hereinafter referred to as the team During the process of carrying out the special rectification operation of online games, the domestic online game “Flower Maxi” containing prohibited content violations of social morality in Tianjin Tianxiang Interactive Technology Co■▼., Ltd●◆▼. is investigated. According to the report clues forwarded by the superior sector, law enforcement officers found through the network remote investigation★★●, and the companys domestic online game “flowers and thousands of bones” violates the content of social morality◆▽★○. The game violates the provisions of Article 9 (Nine) of the Interim Measures for Network Game Management, according to the Interim Measures for Network Game Manageme.

Xinhua News Agency▷•★-, March 16th, Qiqi: First, I will meet the “Spring▼•” of Northeast Revitalization – Interview with Secretary of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee◇●, the director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress◇▷, Bayun☆◇◇, Xinhua News Agency, Jun, Xinhua News■◁, Zhu Xiaoliang, fully implemented the partys ten How do Jilin Province will further accelerate the revitalization of the old industrial base in practice? Recently•△, Xinhua News Agency reporter interviewed Bayo, director of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress. Reporter: As an important old industrial base in my country, Jilin will take what measures will be a good job in the new round of Northeast Zhenxing? Baron Chao, we must study in depth to practice Xi Jinpings new era of socialist thinking and partys 19th National Spirit▼▲△, firmly grasp the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinpings development of Jilin, based on Jilin Real•▼■◁, further grasp the opportunity△◆▲▲, cracked Balance is not fully develop.

Original title: Active to expand imported rich consumption options (at the State Council Policy Blow “) This newspaper Beijing June 1st (Reporter Li Lihui) Recently, the State Council Tariff Tax Committee issued an announcement, my country has reduced daily consumer goods from July 1st tariff•△■. On June 1, the Ministry of Finance introduced the relevant situation at the national new office policies. Reduce the import tariff of daily consumer goods is Chinas major initiative to expand open, reducing some imported product tariffs. It is an important policy measures for Chinas initiative to openly open to the outside world. It can better meet the needs of the peoples life▪◇☆•. “At this point, not only the Chinese peoples support, but also popular with the world△☆○.” Zhu Guangyao, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, said that the daily consumer goods include the use of food and clothing, large-scale reduction of daily consumer goo◆○.

On the 27th of Beijing, the International Papers website announced the latest group of national team ranking, and the Chinese womens volleyball team fell by the original world to the second, and was surpassed by the American womens volleyball. The Brazilian womens volleyball is still ranked third. Data Map: Chinese female rollover master Lang Ping△▪. Image Source▼▪■: ICPHOTO World Womens Route in Beijing Time 26=▽△, Japanese Womens volleyball team overcomes Chinese womens volleyball, and the world ranking of Japanese womens volleyball team has also risen to the fifth place. This World Womens Route is the first time in Chinas womens volleyball team▪▲-★, the first time in the official international competition. In the first battle against the Korean team▪△◇, the Chinese team will win in the case of a place in the case, with 3: 1 reversal◇△◆■. The world ranki.