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[tribal wholesale]Original title★▲▪◇: Malaysia announced 822 page survey report, China Netizen: Look at the Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight to date, it has been rescued for a long time, but has never found a plane or the main wreck, no Find anyone in any machine. The cause of the accident has not been unique◇●-, -△”suicide”, “hijacking” and so on have an endless rumor. On the morning of July 30th, the Malaysian government held a closed meeting to announce the survey report to the MH370 disappearance◆•. The report has a total of 822 pages. There is a media claim that this report is ■☆◇▷”final report▪=…▷”, which is expected to have major discoveries or Conclusion published▲=★. However, Guo Soo Chon▲◇•☆, the head of the International Survey Group of Mashang Disappearance, in the conferen.

Original title: 2018 Air Force recruitment settles, complete start=△▪●, physical examination…▪◇, psychological selection▽▷•□, first move, April 12▷△, 2013▼◇■•, Wuhan, Hubei Province◁○, 2013 Air Force recruits Wuhan station test site, candidates accept EEG test★▷●. Since March 5◆☆▲…, the Air Force is fully launched in 2018. This year▼◁-△, the Air Force will set up the optional station in 8 places, organize ordinary high school graduates◇▲, military school graduates and junior high school graduates to participate in the selection test•◆•, another number of outstanding young students who are in the air will stand out, Join the blue sky, start learning flight▼●, fighting the long-empty life. According to the work arrangement, high school students will organize two phases, from March 5th to April 18th, the Air Force in Nanjing, Changsha, Chengdu●△, Sh△△=●!

Original title◇▷★: (Environment) Shanxi Comprehensive Built 21374 River Long △……▷”Logging▽•▲” Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan March 30 (Reporter Ma Xiaoyuan) Reporter learned from Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department•■, at present, the province▼■□, city of the provinces river lake , County◆□☆□, township, and village five-level river long system have been completed, and 21,374 rivers in the province have lived●△○▪. Shanxi has a …•☆”historical mountain river”, and there are many rivers. Since the central government deployed the river long system▪-, Shanxi Province attaches great importance to the provincial work program in April last year•☆▽□. The province•◆▷, the province, the province, county, township and villages, all the provinces, the county, township, villages, five-level river long system are established before the end of December. Form a level of grading level-◁▷, layers grasp the river long system work pattern. According to the relevant person in charge of the Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department, there are currently 21,374 rivers, and the province has implemented a total of river wholesale clothing vendors made in usa○…▼ yoga top manufacturer – bra manufacturers. black leather womens bomber jacket sublimation leggings wholesale!

Beijing 197 municipal departments budget announced, the first public “Million Million Works Greening Action Plan” and other key expenditures have announced 3 billion yuan for the pre-school education for many departments “three public▲=” budgets continue to compress, the first public “million Milinary Forest Greening Action Plan “and other key expenditures (Reporter Shaob) On March 8th•=▷■, Beijing 197 municipal sectors focused on the 2018 annual department budget in the window of the capital. In addition to the statutory information, all departments of fiscal funds are all publicized. It is worth noting that this time■◆△, the first time, “promoting the development of basic education (school sections)” and other two market-level major investment projects such as “New Airport North Line Express”. Multiple departmen.

Original title: Businessman mortgage father real estate borrowing million, for the “private life” from the old department of Wanqing: Changan Street, I know who is writing Who is the high-rise 拥 军? He is the old department of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee…-▲, the original secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee, was born in March 1971▲■, once served as deputy secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee, Guangzhou Liwan District Region, Guangzhou Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General, etc. May March 2015. Recently, the Chinese referee textbook announced the corruption of Yuxi, accepting bribery first scientific judgment, and its “wonderful” case was disclosed★◇. The court found that Guo, general manager of a international travel agency in Guangzhou, sent RMB 600◇■,000. Guo said: I often eat and drink together with the army★-●●, and solve him with its “private life secretary=….