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[appropriate workout attire]China New Network May 28th, the Japanese Pleasant Association (NHK) reported that at 23:55 local time, a hit ship accident near the Haiba Island Strait in Japan, a Japanese cargo ship touched▷☆★…, there is a ship 3 people are unknown. At 23★•☆★:55 on May 27th▽○•▲, there was a hit ship accident near the Sea Haihai Strait in Japan△◆△•. A Japanese cargo ship “Baihu” has collided with the Marshall Islands■-▼. Overturn▷●. The picture shows the “Ulsan Pioneer” after the accident. Image Source▲•■◆: Japan Pleasant Association (NHK) Video Trimatus reported that Japanese cargo ship “White Tiger” (11…▼•,000 tons of drainage) and Marshall Islan▪□☆◆?

Original title: For the construction of beautiful China Tsing Co-roots (Green Home), Zhao Bo Jia, on March 11th▼△◁, and the 13th National Peoples Congress◆◁, a meeting vote through the Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China. Adjusting the overall layout of the Chinese characteristics and the second hundred years of struggle, increasing the content of the construction of ecological civilization and beauty, is a highlight highlight in this constitutional amendment▽△▼•. “Ecological Civilization”, “Ecological Civilization”, “Enriching the Democratic Civilization and Beautiful Socialist Modern Strong State”, “Promoting Construction of Human Destinum Community▽○”○•, is written to the Constitution (hereinafter referred to as =★▼□”Ecological Civilization”). What does these modifications for the Constitution mean-●? What changes will be brought to the ecological environment around us◇▪? Our reporter has recently interviewed the person in charge of the relevant department□△•.

Source: Changan Street ICPC WeChat public account title: Red line▲▲○◇, simpler▷▪☆, more simple, weight◆=-! “We must resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, never tolerate any Taiwan independence split meat and act ☆•..□▼▽△. Cross-strait compatriots comply with historical trend◆=, share national righteousness.○◇●★” – Government Work Report, Prime Minister Li Keqiang. “Expanding the cooperation between cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges□■=◇, and gradually studying, entrepreneurship★△●□, employment, and life in continent compatriots■•○■, with the same treatment with mainland compara…•. The same roots in both sides of the strait•□◆★, the bone and meat blind date.…▷▪” CPPCCs work report□▪▽•, the president of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Yu Zhengsheng■-•▪. The national two sessions that are being held will once again blow the “anti-standing■★▼” angle★◁★. Changan Street•-•, Id: WeChat ID: Capitalnews, pays attention to this year◁☆, two reports…□▲◆, two repor▽…◇◆. classy black jacketfitness zip up hoodies satin jacket womens clothing distributor,