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Original title: Let the Chinese high-speed rail lead the worlds high son, big face, talk about womens delicate and atmosphere – her name is Liang Jianying (the picture above▽○▪◁, the information) General engineer. As the only female engineer in my countrys high-speed rail equipment industry▲▲=, she hosted the CRH380A developed, creating the highest speed of the world railway operation test of 486.1 kilometers speed▷★△. From the ■▷▼”Harmony” of the speed of 200 kilometers, the “revival number” in the speed of 350 kilometers will come to the leader•▼▲△, and she leads the team to create a bright country business card. You must make yourself a giant to Chinas high-speed EMU▪◁. It is a way to introduce digestion and then innovate. -•”The product can be bought▼•◇☆, but the ability of technological innovation cant buy. Origin!

Original title: Japanese media said that Lanzhou ramen is on “a belt all the way”▼◇, and I want to be a world fast food to take the “all the way”, and Lanzhou rai wants to be “the worlds first snap meal”. The picture shows a study in studying Lanzhou ramen production methods. (Japan △▪•○”Asahi News” Website) On June 25th, the Chinese chef made Lanzhou ramen in the “Lanzhou Beef Randers held in Rome▽•, Italy□●”■▷. On the same day, “Lanzhou Beef Randers Hand in Pasta” and Lanzhou Cultural Tourism Promotion Activities opened in Rome, Italy, and the chef from the two countries “same competition” at the event. In addition★△☆◆, Lanzhou City also brought special performances and civil artificial art show. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Yu photo information network August 1 Report Japanese media said that the provincial capital of Gansu Province, Northwest Chi fashion manufacturers brisbane.

Original title: China Theory Overseas Communication Seminar held in Beijing – China Communicate Xi Pei New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts China Theory Overseas Communication Seminar Site (Xie Ming) Overseas Network March 21 March 21, by the people Daily Daily Overseas Edition hosted, China Theory Overseas Communication Seminar held in the overseas network held in the Peoples Daily. Peoples Daily Overseas Party Party Committee Secretary, Deputy Chief Editor – A New Times, China Academy of Socialist College, Researcher, Researcher◁☆…, Researcher•…=, Socialist Ideological Institute of China, Reporting, Peoples Daily, Deputy Director●•■…, Peoples Daily, “Study Group=●○” WeChat public account, Chen Zhenkai attended The meeting and gave a speech separately. Li Jianxing said in the speech that in the event of a victory in the country in 2018◆○, “Xi Jinpings new era Chinese characteristic socialist thinking overseas communication eye australia swimwear sweatshirt manufacturers usa.inetconn wholesale clothing warehouse atlanta target=_blank>leotards in bulk – legging vendors