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[black silky jacket]Original title…•▷: Pan Kaji▽▪★○, Vice President of the National Political Consultative Conference-•, and President of China Publishing Group: “Singing Faded●-” paper publication not based on cover journalists Zhang Jie photography reported from the past thousand words of thousands of words…◇, and in recent years, literature magazine generally improve the festival Standards○•●, there are thousands of words, the original copy of the original works, has always been a hot topic of writing workers, publishing circles. How to maintain the copyright of the work of the Internet▼□▷? In the era of electronic reading, mobile reading screen□■, network novel writing and reading prevalence, paper publishing, traditional reading, really fell•◆…•? On March 7th, Pan Kaixiong, a member of the Capture Journalist Dialogue, and Vice President of China Publishing Group○○. As a senior publisher, former president, literary criticism, Pan Kaixiong said, singi!

China Xinwang Xian May 28 (Reporter Arlen) reporter learned from Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Research Institute on the 28th that the Ministry of Science and Technology Protection, the Provincial Wensuastern Institute and the cultural relics protection repair of the relevant business personnel to Hanbin, Ankang City A Protection of Cultural Relics in Grassroots Museums. The work is mainly for the preliminary investigation of the cultural relics in Hanshin District Cultural Relics Management, the preservation of the cultural relics of colonies, and further investigation◁•, on-site use of environmental monitoring equipment and portable analysis test instruments to further carry out scientific assessments△★, master the basic status of the cultural relic management management of the library, Typical problems and risk factors in various types of cultural relics▼-. At the same time, the collection of cultural relics in colonies is centered◇◁▲●, from daily maintenan.

Original title=◇: Before and after 3, the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee has a new job on the afternoon of the same day…•▽. The 13th National Committee of the National Committee held the fourth plenary meeting, the meeting elected the President of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC•△, Vice-Chair, Secretary General And Standing Members. ▪▪○●”Government◁●” (WeChat ID●◁: XJBZSE) noted that Henan Province continued to be a secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Guo Gengmao■◇, Xie Fuzhan. Among them, Lu Zhangong★☆■◇, the vice chairman of the 12th National CPPCC, member of the party group, the vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Xie Zhan, secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, is also elected as the Standing Committee of the National Committee of China■■▼. Lu Zhan was born in May 1952△☆, Zhejiang Cixi, 19.

Original title: China about 1/4 ovarian cancer patients have BRCA gene mutation experts recommended high-risk people to detect new Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiulan) actor Angelina Jolie accepts ovaries and fallopian tube preventive resection surgery to let BRCA genes enter the public vision Today (March 6) released ●☆=”Sudentably, the unknown-☆” BRCA Ovarian Cancer Charity Care Project (hereinafter referred to as Sudoku Project) showed that about 1/4 of Chinas ovarian cancer patients carry BRCA embryo mutation■▪. The auditor is initiated by the China Womens Development Foundation, Aslikang, China, Fushi Medical Support. Since its launch-◁◇, the project has been launched in 14 cities across the country▼▷, and 1091 patients with ovarian cancer have been submitted▪=-, and a total of 983 patients are freely based on whit★•. hot yoga norfolk ukamerican made leggings – as colour manufacturer tshirt suppliers wholesale yoga pants usa,