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[wholesale high waisted leggings]Original title•△: Outpressed to the Constitution to commit to the people (the headline of the rule of law) Press: At the two sessions of the country that have just won▪☆, the election national leader and the national staff will have an oath of the Constitution in accordance with the constitutional provisions. This fully demonstrates the firm will and strong determination to adhere to the partys party, the partys party, the party◁-, the core of Xi Jinping. Oath to the Constitution is not only a solemn ceremony, but also an important way to demonstrate the authority of the Constitution. Through the constitutional oath■▪▲□, it helps to enhance the constitutional concept of national staff=▪, and form a good atmosphere of defending the dignity of the constitution in the whole society. Our reporter interviewed the national staff who participated in the Constitution, witnessing the representatives of the National Peoples Congress of the Constitution and the experts of experts and the masses of experts, and reviewing this milestone in the implementation of my countrys constitutional implementation proces.

Original title▷☆-: 2018 Air Force recruitment settles, complete start, physical examination, psychological selection, first move, April 12▽▷▼•, 2013, Wuhan, Hubei Province, 2013 Air Force recruits Wuhan station test site, candidates accept EEG test=▽★. Since March 5, the Air Force is fully launched in 2018■▪▪. This year▪▲, the Air Force will set up the optional station in 8 places=★◁◆, organize ordinary high school graduates, military school graduates and junior high school graduates to participate in the selection test, another number of outstanding young students who are in the air will stand out, Join the blue sky=•, start learning flight▪▲, fighting the long-empty life. According to the work arrangement, high school students will organize two phases▼▽-◇, from March 5th to April 18th▷▽, the Air Force in Nanjing, Changsha, Chengdu▼▪★■, Sh.

Original title: The original stone family of Sanlujiazhuang☆▼■■, the Mayor of the Sanlujiazhuang, and the East Hidden Tibet have chosen from the first legal newspapers, view news (Reporter Dong Zhenjie), the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission☆○☆◁, the original Vice President of the Hebei Provincial Political Consultative Conference Ai Wenli is suspected of serious violations of law and has been surprising▪▽, and it is currently accepting the discipline review and supervision of the National Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Ai Wenli is the first deputy senior official who surrendered the first invested case after the 19th National Covenant, and his investment case triggered public opinion-▼▽●. The central anti-corruption is always tight, so that some officials are difficult to sleep◆○–. The reporter found that in the face of anti-corruption hyperbarial, some people have chosen to flee and confront○◁◇★, but there are also many people “knowledge of time”, choose to take the initiative to the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, public security, and prosecutors to invest surrenders. Evanley started from the workers to start the three deer incident, Shijiazhua!

[Chinas things] China National Pharmaceutical Vaccination III Clinical Data Published Foreign Media△▽: Safety and Effective Protection Super 70% China Daily Network May 27th “American Medical Association Magazine” 26th published “two” Evaluation of the Protection Evaluation of Novel Coronary Virus inactivated Vaccines on Adult COVID-19 infection. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of two inactivated vaccine in the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group is 72.8% and 78☆▼▼☆.1%, respectively. This is the first officially published new championship phase III clinical trial. Reuters reported that Wednesday was published in ▼△◇”Journal of American Medical Association…●=▼” (Journal of the American softshell jacket ski manufacturer▲○.

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