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[orange and blue varsity jacket]China New Network May 27th■•▪, according to foreign media reports, on the 26th, Nigeria has a shipwreck accident, causing more than 100 people missing. It is reported that the cause of the accident may be overloaded by vessels▲○○. Reuters quoted the Yahaya Sarki in the Governor of the Governor of Kaibi Province◆……, saying that this ship has approximately 200 passengers□-. The AFP invited the regional administrative leader Varahi, ABDULLAHI BUHARI WARA, and there is approximately 160 passengers on the ship…◆▲. The BBC (BBC) quoted a survivor news that there were about 40 people to save, but it is unlikely to find more survivors. Residents of the village nearb!

Chen Chunsheng●▲▽▪, Secretary, Zhongshan University◇▽◆, Jinyang Netmark original title: Chen Chunxi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Sun Yat-sen University: Strive to let 80% of the undergraduate graduates continue to study the national two sessions in 2018▽□☆★, Chen Chunsheng and principal of the Zhongshan University Party Committee Chen Chunxi and the principal Luo Jun as a National Political Consultative Conference and National Peoples Congress Participants participated in colleges and universities in the country. The first academic government of Zhongshan University, not only carries countless families expects to world-class higher education, but also the close-up bonds of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao cooperation in scientific research innovation and talent training. During the two sessions, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference□…△, Chen Chunsheng…★☆, the Zhongda Party Committee, said in the interview with Jinyang==▼.com, a series of development initiatives in China recent, including the “negative list”, which are listed in the near future, aimed at guarding and inheriting university spirit. University Culture and University Value=□. Ta t shirt custom maker=•▼=.

Original title: Xie Fuzhans dean of the Social Science Institute•◇▲▪, the statement of the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee, the official website of the Social Sciences★▪☆, the official website of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, Xie Fuzhan, has been served as the president and party secretary of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Xie Fuzhan just immediately removed the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee. Wang Weiguang, the former dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in March this year▪…▼○, has served as the 13th National National and Religious Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. On March 21, Henan Province held the provincial leading cadre meeting. Comrade Wu Yuliang, deputy director of the Central Organization Department, attended the meeting and announced the central decision▷▪•: Comrade Wang Guosheng was a member of the Henan Provincial Committee, a Standing Committee, and Secretary; Comrade Xie Fuzhan no longer served as the Secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, Standing Committee, and Committee. Xie Fuzhan presided over the meeting and speaking. Wang Guosheng, Chen Runer spee▪◁■◆?

Original title○•★■: Hu Wei, former deputy general manager Hu Wei▼◁◆•, former deputy general manager of mid-management▼…, international engineering Co▼◆▪▽., Ltd. The Hubei Provincial Supervision Committee inspected the investigation and was taken in an indwelling measures. Hu Wei resume Hu Wei, male, Han nationality…=◁•, born in September 1970, Tianjin▼■◆, participated in work in August 1992, member of the Communist Party of China. He has served as the secondary project manager of China Engineering and Agricultural Machinery Import and Export Corporation, and the general manager of the secondary engineering of the completion project, the general manager of the completion project, Assistant General Manager of the SME International Engineering Co□■.△…◇•, Ltd., Ren Zhonggong in January 2011 Party Committee, Deputy General Manager of International Engineering Co▽◇., Ltd., responsible for the market business in West Asia and Africa. 2017…☆?

Source: Public Network [Zaozhuang City quickly investigated a number of companies exposed by CCTV◁▼☆•, and fully inspected☆◇▲▪ wholesale polyester shirts for sublimation! The law enforcement personnel have conducted detailed inspection of three enterprises, production facilities, raw film storage, product packaging○●●▷, and delivery acceptance, process control, factory inspection, etc. The inspection found that Zaozhuang City Kangyuan Food Co◇△•., Ltd. did not organize production, the environmental dirty difference○•, the walnut milk product formula was bid□▲△, and walnut raw materials were not found in the on-site raw material formula, and the companys legal person representative Liang Moucoured that peanut butter and walnut flavor◇▲●, did not use walnut kernels■△=, law enforcement officers paid 812 boxes “Lu Yuan” walnut milk▽•; Zaozhuang Jinshunyuan Food Co.•□, Ltd. did not follow food production license requirements to organize production, site Poor production environme white yoga set!