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custom sports team jackets tshirt manufactures camo hunting jacket custom,[custom high waisted breeches manufacturer]The situation is notified at 17 oclock on August 4, 2018◆▲△□, and the command center of our bureau reported: a woman in Dingxi Bridge□▷=▽, Longyi Town, took the scissors to hurt the masses, and three were injured. Our bureau immediately instructs the dragon party, the patrol special police brigade▽△, the public security brigade police▪•=, on the spot▲▽☆, the suspect•●, and sent the injured people to the hospital for treatment□▽□. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Chen Mono (born in 1980▲▲●, Yongchun County people) at 16◁◇△:35 on the same day□•-▲, from the Dingxi Bridge●=, 17 oclock●☆▪■, suddenly hold the scissors-…, causing 1 young and 2 The child was injured, two of which were traumatic◁□-. After treatment of German County Hospital, the current three injured people were not life-threatening◆▪□=. The case is under further investigation. Dehua County Public Security Bureau August 4, 2018 Editor: Huo •….

Recently, Guo Rui, chief technician◁●◇, aircraft, aircraft, aircraft☆…△•, aircraft, aircraft●-▲=, aircraft, aircraft, aircraft■■◁…, aircraft, aircraft•◁•, aircraft●◇, a reporter=-. The Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing, the National Peoples Congress representative, “Pienteng Yuan☆-” Guo Rui said in the interview with Beijing News, his most concerned is the topic of high-skilled talents. He suggested that on the basis of the existing National Scientific Progress Award◆☆△, the scientific and progressive technical awards at the provincial, autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Government▪■○, mobilized the promotion of the majority of workers and farmers. The high-skilled talent results declaration channel is a narrow New Beijing News◁…: This is the first time to choose the National Peoples Congress representative, I know that I am still surprised after being elected? Guo Rui◆…◆: Surprised, I learned that I have elected the National Peoples Congress at night, the same nigh.

Zhengzhou, May 28 (reporter Liu Peng) as the only province of the four national cultural parks in the four national cultural parks in the Yellow River, the Grand Canal◁▼, the Long March and the Great Wall●▲▽=, how to plan “Husband Henan” Wenbao Construction will plan □▽◁△,layout? Henan Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to an external answer on the 28th. Jiang Ji Ding=★▲☆, director of Henan Provincial Cultural and Tourism, with ▽▪◁▲”five new”, namely “Huang River Culture]” Wen Da “□▪=•,◆-△•” The New Year of the Husband ◇▪◆•”◆=▪-,” The New Fruit “” Stage Art ” Panting and high, recalling the “13th Five-Year Plan” period Henan Wenbao work transcripts. Make ■□-▲”14th Five-Year Plan”, Jiang Jixing introduced that the national cultural park is the majority of promotion implementati◁★…☆.