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[areobic step]Original title: Pension target fund guide release▽■, personal pension account top design to be solved …◁”Finance” reporter Qin Jiamin / Wen Wang Dong / Edit Dog Years first press conference▲•=, the Securities Regulatory Commission officially released “Pension target Securities investment fund guide □…★◆”(Hereinafter referred to as” Guide ○…◆”). Previously▷•, the tax delay pension insurance led by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission has also prepared it. The product system of the third pillar of the pension is constantly rich. As a top-level personal pension account system, it is delayed. Under the severe old-age situation, the market is looking forward to the China version of “IRA” (Individual Retirement Accounts) starts early. Compared to public comment, “Guide-◁▼” absorbs 49 pieces of feedback from all partie★▽•…!

Original title▷•▲□: On April 10th, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail is raised•☆▪▲, the fastest need only 4 hours and 18 minutes to Beijing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei, Sun Liping) This morning, the reporter from China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd•●▪-. (hereinafter referred to as: Beijing Railway Bureau, learned that according to the unified deployment of the railway company, the railway department will give a new train operation map from April 10. After this recording, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail will speed up again. It takes only 4 hours and 18 points in one way, and the shortest operating time will be less than 6 minutes△●. At the same time, the revival number running in Beijing is again expanded▼=, of which 7 on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail has increased by 7 on the revival train, and the number of revival of the revival of Beijing-Tianjin City will reach 80%. According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Railway Bureau◇▪, the first phase of the 2018 railway is adjusted by the trai wholesale dancewear.

Original title: The United States said that the EU must be exempted to respond to Chinas Chinese responding to overseas network on March 21st, China Submit, Huam Chunying, on the 21st, royal reporter◇-☆○, on the recent hotspot-▪◁. The relevant content is as follows●●▷: Q▪★◇△: According to the ◁▲☆-“Wall Street Daily”•=▪△, the US Chamber of Commerce▪■▽▲, the National Retailer Association, the US Information Technology Industry Council represents the 45 trading associations of the United States to petition to the government, and urge not to collect tariffs on China☆•. WARNING If the forcibly taxation will damage the US economy, consumers and competitiveness. In addition, there is reported that the “Global Market Initiative▼▽▪▪” IGM Forum held by Chicago Bos Mechanism▽△, 43 top economists warned that taxation helplessness helplessness, but may harm the interests of most Americans At the same time, according to the European med☆●. wholesale dancewear – compression wear custom.